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Awhile back, I became aware of this yearning I had within me, a feeling that there was something more to life than what I was experiencing.  I felt like the experiences in my life weren't jiving the way I wanted and feeling like I got to the end of each day feeling drained and exhausted, yet not fully embracing  and owning the wonderful aspects of my life.

  I heard the buzz-words like: 'work-life balance', 'mindfulness', and 'enlightenment', but didn't know how to incorporate these into my life.  Through some soul searching, I uncovered more peace, love, and balance.  And what I found was that the power to uncover these came from WITHIN ME.  It comes first from our inner balance, love, and peace, how we feel internally, what we perceive.  We can then take this and project it outward into our work life, into our family life, into our personal life, into every facet of our lives.  It’s finding that peace and finding that joy to JUST BE and to LET OURSELVES LIVE and be the best that we can be and to truly enjoy and maximize our time here on Earth.  

I found that light that I have shining within me.  It was dim at first, but it’s brighter now, MUCH brighter.  I want to take that light and share it with others, and I want others to take their lights and shine them bright and share them with the world.  Let’s light each other up with our lights, let’s not tear each other down.  Let’s find that peace, love, and balance from within and project it forward.  That’s how we change the world!

Professional Experience


As a professionally trained and experienced business and personal coach, I have the tools and understanding to help YOU become Present in Your Life, to step into your Passions, Purpose, and Perspective, and to take ownership and accountability for your own reality.  Your Life is Truly what you make it...what do you choose?


I worked in Corporate America for 14 years, have a growing family with 3 kiddos and continue to personally explore my own signature footprint on this Earth.    Pressures, adversity, changes and craziness can occur in any facet of our lives, but we don't have make ourselves crazy in the process! 

Let's create the life you've imagined and become Present in our day to day.  You own your Reality, your Perceptions, your Future.  Let's step into it, fully, authentically, Powerfully!

To help Shine the Light brighter in our world, I offer group speaking engagements, that bring awareness to the light and energy that we each emit and provide relatable (and I think humorous!) examples of life experiences.  I also offer workshops to dig deeper in uncovering your Passions, Purpose, and 


Shine Your Light

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Shine YOUR Light & Light the World!~Amy Perry

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My Mission

Our world needs more Light and Love emanating from within. Each of us is a beautifully perfect Soul at our core, we just need to release the tethers, the stories, the beliefs, that we hold telling us otherwise. 

I am here to help us breakthrough and tear down those false beliefs, attitudes, and energies surrounding our lack of greatness, completeness, and loving capabilities.

I am here to help us not only understanding how amazing we are, but to bask in this beauty and to shine our lights Bright! And then Brighter! What we think, feel, are, as a collective consciousness is what will be the vibration of the planet.

Don't think that the energy and thoughts for yourself are small…they are NOT! Your vibration matters! A LOT! 

You, Yes YOU, can help raise the vibration of the planet just by recognizing that you are connected to the whole and resonate with what is good within you!

We are ALL Connected! Every single one of us! Nature, animals, humans, everything!

Raising the vibration in ourselves raises the vibration of our planet.

What if we could all raise our vibration, even just a little bit, like holding the door for someone, calling up a family member, or just looking in the mirror and saying something nice to yourself.

What would you do differently if you KNEW that you were able to make a difference in the world, to direct more positive and peaceful energy into our world, just through your actions and by being you?