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What You Think About You Bring About


What we perceive on the INSIDE is what we project on the OUTSIDE.  Our thoughts matter!  What we think about we bring about!  Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction?  It's true that we create our reality based on where we focus our energy?

Have you ever worried all day long about not getting an offer from a job interview and then low and behold you didn't get the job?

Or what about a time you put all your focus on doing well in a race you are training for and you end up running your personal best?

What you think about you bring about!

Go ahead and think about all those awesome things you want in your life...

What have you got to lose?

Ripple Effects


It's true that what we think about we bring about!  It's also true that our thoughts don't just stay inside our heads, they project and 'ripple' energy outwardly into other parts of ourselves and then out into the world.  Our thoughts are powerful and one simple thought can have unlimited ripple effects into the world.  Will you ripple positive or negative energy out into the world?  The choice is YOURS!    Choose to Shine Your Light Bright!

What Lights YOU Up?


What is your soul guiding you to do right now?  In this moment?

What is that thing that makes your heart sing when you do it ?

(or think about doing it)

That's your passion and it Lights YOU up!

It's your authentic self coming out to play!

Go Play!


Shine Your Light

We would LOVE to hear from you!


Shine YOUR Light & Light the World!~Amy Perry

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