My Speaking Focus


My focus is to speak on topics that are relatable to others and inspirational in helping them uncover the Light within themselves to illuminate the Inner Balance that resides within.  

I have found that many topics overlap across mutiple facets of our lives:

  • Work Culture 
  • Individual Growth
  • Family Focus

Though the Topics below are tailored to the focus audience of the client.

Workshops are also offered which enable further individual exploration in uncovering our individual Lights and maintaining our Inner Balance.

Speaking Topics

Staying Centered in a Crazy World

Change is a constant in our world today.  How we choose to respond to it is up to each of us individually.  Focus on how we keep our Inner Balance when our Outer World is crazy!

Claim Your Power

Being your authentic spiritual self and claiming the power you possess.  Becoming aware that we are the only ones who can give our power away to others.  Society pressures can have huge influences here as we

Our Thoughts Have Power

Understanding that the thoughts going through our brains don't just stay there...they have much more power than that!  Our thoughts are powerful, so be aware of what you put your focus on.   Change your thoughts and you change your world.  Hand-on exercise to understand the impact thoughts have on our brains, our bodies and our energy. 


Practicing Gratitude is possibly the easiest yet most overlooked avenue we can take to bring immediate positive results into our lives!  It's all about perspective right?! 

The Ripple Effect

 Our thoughts and energy have rippling effects out to others and into the world.  Understanding how and why your role is very impactful to the world at large.  What would you choose your ripples to be? 

Wake Up and Shine!

Now that we understand that we own our Perspectives, Power, and Purpose, what will we do with them?

Shine Your Light

We would LOVE to hear from you!


Shine YOUR Light & Light the World!~Amy Perry

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