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In addition to the Speaking Topics on the last page I offer Workshop Enhancements to further build upon the concepts and foundations laid out in the Presentation.

Uncovering the Light

Individual exercise to connect with our Inner Selves and identify areas that bring us passion.  What things do we do (or want to do) that really allow our Lights to Shine within us? 

How are our OWN Thoughts impacting us?

Are we using our thoughts to build ourselves up or tear ourselves down?  Focusing our attention on how we make ourselves feel with the thoughts that we have.  Are there ways we can shift perspective on these thoughts to shine our Lights brighter?

Where are we giving away our power to Others?

Individual exercise focused on bringing to light areas in our lives where we don't value ourselves and our opinions enough.  Where do we listen too much to the voice of others or society?  Identifying ways we can individually reclaim what is ours and stand in our own power.

What Does our Inner Peace Space Look Like?

Exercise with meditative focus on helping  each of us find that place of inner peace within us.  Detailing out what this looks like, feels like, sounds like, smells like, etc. so that we can recognize and go to this place whenever we need to!

Open Discussion

Opening up with thoughts on how different factors impact our Lights and within various facets of our lives. 

Shine Your Light

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Shine YOUR Light & Light the World!~Amy Perry

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